About Jolie Michelle Ow


Jolie Michelle Ow has more than 15 years of teaching experience and has facilitated classes, courses, retreats and festivals to local and international practitioners. After several years of developing, managing and facilitating holistic wellbeing programmes to schools, museums and corporations (the experience only reinforced her beliefs in specialised, not standardised learning), Jolie founded her own business Canvass, a training centre since 2005, where the focus is on holistic, organic learning and where exploration, is just as key to a students development. She continues to develop her practices by participating in workshops and training, and in charity work. Jolie’s programmes are tailored with respect to age, abilities, skills and needs.

Jolie focuses on holistic, organic learning with exploration as key to student development.

Jolie Michelle Ow is the founder, director and driving force behind Canvass. She’s a wellness consultant with accreditation in art therapy, yoga, mindfulness, holistic education and social entrepreneurship. She delivers programmes that are therapeutic, fun and tailored specifically for each individual or group. Jolie utilizes art, yoga and meditation techniques to help participants practice mindfulness. She develops curriculums for schools and corporations, conducts regular classes, workshops, events and retreats for women and men locally and overseas.