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Our Story

The journey of Canvass started with a spark: to help others become masters of their own lifelong learning. That spark ignited a mission: to become a leading centre for the transformative power of Mindfulness, Movement and Art. And the centre has grown to become a community dedicated to nurturing higher creativity and empowering wellbeing. Canvass was established by Jolie Michelle in 2003, and her compassion, playfulness and positivity has helped this unique facility evolve. Canvass now offers a comprehensive curriculum of holistic modalities, underpinned by deep knowledge in how to help people get the best out of them. We have made it our mission to help people answer their own questions through the pursuit of creativity, honesty and connection. As Dr Seuss says, “Sometimes the questions can be complicated, but the answers are really very simple”. We just need to listen.



We honour and celebrate the individuality of all our members. In our classes we teach self-care practices that nurture compassion and empathy towards ourselves and others. By understanding and being kinder to ourselves we learn to be more inclusive of others.


We are passionate about facilitating programmes that have a positive impact on your life, and we celebrate your success. We plan and adapt the content of our sessions to bring you meaningful topics for stimulating discussion and reflection, providing you with opportunities for further self-discovery to explore in your own space and time.


We provide a calm environment where you can reconnect with yourself and others in a way that is not about work, beliefs or commitments, but about tending to your inner self and true voice. The unique bonding activities we provide through our classes, retreats, and empowerment workshops are carefully delivered to ensure you always feel comfortable to take risks, grow from mistakes and express yourself.


We pay homage to ancient teachings and how they continue to help us today. We draw on the wisdom of those that have gone before us in the fields of art, spirituality, holistic health and science. Bringing forth their sacred knowledge with integrity reveals its timeless function and purpose in modern life, from which we can all benefit.

Conveniently located at Binjai Park, our centre sports a large space perfect for our movement classes and art sessions, a communal table for visitors to hang out, jam or relax and a purpose-built art boards for creative visualization and intention-telling. There are two bathrooms kitted with currated scents and sustainable organic products to ensure constants sense of calm. Come visit us! We would love to chat with you over some herbal tea.