This Iyengar style yoga class emphasizes anatomical precision and alignment to promote both strength and flexibility. Its use of props helps to enable students to more readily experience the essence of each pose. Learn and refine key actions for a safe and effective yoga practice. This class is appropriate for all levels and practitioners looking to expand their knowledge of structural alignment and performance acceleration. The tools acquired in this class can be applied to all other yoga practices, sports, and life in general!


A gentle class designed to calm the mind through a combination of deep conscious breathing and gentle poses using props (blocks, straps, bolsters). Be lulled into a state of bliss as you slow down your heart rate and re-balance the flow of energy in your mind, body and soul.
In Deep Stretch you will experience a mindfulness in holding postures that target tightness in your body and tension in your mind. This is an active stretching class that targets primary muscle groups surrounding the hips, hamstrings and upper back. It is a refreshing way to enhance your flexibility and create a well-rounded daily practice.
A Deep Stretch practice is a powerful reminder of your innate ability to be at ease in your body. Experience dropping resistance in your life, melting away tension in your body, walk away from class with a fresh perspective on your physical, mental and spiritual alignment.
Get creative as a family during our family art jamming session.
Small material and studio fee of $20. Bring your own inspiration (picture drawing etc.) Or express yourself with different materials in art inspired at Canvass.


Family yoga is a fun and entertaining class for the whole family; Moms, Dads (Guardians/Grandparents) and Kids!  Come explore yoga together!  Life can be a bit of a balancing act – family, work, fitness, down time… let us help you out by combining two things we love; Family & Yoga.  Appropriate for the whole family, while child centered and created for fun!  Classes will include yoga poses, exciting yoga stories, and lots of fun and games, while strengthening bonds between family members, as well as, building confidence, self-esteem, and strong healthy bodies.  Participants will also be guided through breathing and relaxation to help focus and feel grounded.   This 60 minute class promises fun for the whole family.  All abilities and levels of experience welcome.  This class is perfect for young families with children 3 years old and up.
This is the perfect class for new students who want to learn the fundamental poses in yoga, as well as seasoned students, who are looking for a more gentle practice. In this class we focus on static postures and longer holds as we move in and out of poses slowly, with a strong focus on safe alignment and breath. Practicing Hatha yoga, will allow you to develop strength, mindfulness and flexibility over time.  There will be extra attention to detail helping you to find a little more ease and comfort in your practice.
This moderately-paced class builds on the foundations and knowledge gained in Hatha I. Refine your understanding of the principles of alignment and deepen your connection with your breath while continuing to build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Students will learn more challenging variations of the basic poses and be introduced to new postures with modifications as appropriate for each individual.
Do you have an established yoga practice and desire more complex poses? This class focuses on increasing flexibility through deeper body opening techniques, connecting the body and mind with the purpose of increasing awareness and stability. Emphasis is placed on accessing specific parts of the body, detailed breakdown of poses and more complex poses and progressions. Hatha III is suitable for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. 
This class centers around “heart opening” postures, releasing tightness in the chest and upper back. Guided by the breath, these yoga postures can encourage the body and mind toward a place of ease, connectedness and contentment. Leave feeling lighter, more open and full of love!


Meditation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body. There are many benefits to meditating with others. Meditation generates inner peace and the ability to connect with yourself at a deeper level. A meditation circle offers a quiet, peaceful environment to help you release mental chatter and receive guided mindfulness exercises to relax and restore awareness and self care.
Mindfulness is being awake. Mindfulness is clarity. This slower paced, calming flow class uses gentle and intentional movements linked with breath to cultivate relaxation and energy flow of both body and mind. The blend between grounding and opening yoga poses are perfectly balanced so that any tightness in your body find release and your mind is revitalized. By integrating the subtle and physical systems of the mind and body, this practice inspires the sweetness of connection and the culmination of simply BE-ing.
Pilates Matwork is an exercise system designed to target muscles that support good posture through core strengthening. The focus is to develop a strong and flexible body, through a variety of movements with physical grace using one’s own body weight for a challenging workout. Suitable for all levels, Pilates works well as a complementary fitness activity along with other exercise regimes.
Power comes in all forms. Learn to fine-tune your breath with movement to empower the body and mind. A class to get your heart pumping! Fluid movement and dynamic sequences are linked with breath to increase strength, stamina and flexibility. In this class attention is brought to your breath and the transitions from pose to pose as you flow from sun salutations. Flow classes will leave practitioners feeling clear, clean and energized. Expect to be challenged both mentally and physically.


This is the perfect class for those who are keen to move their practice forward. This class will start with the basics and challenge you to build strength and progress safely to the next level. Get out of your head and into your body as you raise your vibration with dynamic, fluid movements and creative flows in this playful class. Come with an open mind and be ready to explore your boundaries and work into more challenging transitions and obscure poses.


Qi Yoga will enable you to discover and feel the energy layer of your being by combining the practice of Qi gong and yoga. We use the self healing skills of Qi gong to develop, circulate and balance your energy through movement, breath and focus. The Yin Yoga aspects of the class stimulates the flow of Qi through the connective tissue of the body and hence the meridians. We look to nurture and support the body’s path to balance and health.


Targeting all students who have low energy, are stressed, who have digestive, immune system or reproductive challenges. Here is a yoga class where we deliberately slow down and work with the breath and mind-focus to work the magic. Yin Restorative Yoga taps into the world of Yin and Yang, the 5 Elements and the Meridians. We stimulate and draw the body control systems back to balance. We work on the energetic body deliberately, so that the physical body has the chance to optimise its recovery. For anyone suffering from insomnia, anxiety or emotional volatility – come, learn some take-away tools that may help you find a sense of calm, peace and steadiness. Accommodation is made for any injury with either modifications or alternative postures.
A deep relaxing, inner stillness, sound meditation. Sound therapist Wil Kolen will guide you gently through a deep relaxing and powerful Sound Journey to energize you for the week. The soothing sound of singing bowls and a variation of instruments will lead you into a melodic soundscape of harmonics and rhythms, allowing your body to relax, release, restore and to feel rejuvenated.
Delve deep into your practice with this invigorating, devotional, alignment based vinyasa flow practice designed to support those who want to engage with Yoga as a path of empowerment and transformation. Rich, meaningful asana infused with breath, meditation, self inquiry, sacred study, inspiring music and maybe even some laughter along the way. You are invited to explore the light of your inner wisdom and encouraged to move in a way that honors your personal experience and to work playfully, yet with focused awareness.
Women’s Self-Care is offered as part of an end of week ‘rest and restore’ session – a series of classes for women to come together to practice yoga, connect, breathe and simply relax.  The class will begin with a short sequence of breath work and gentle stretching followed by some time to connect with each other (or journal, meditate, rest), before ending the session with a restorative practice.  This fun, nurturing end of week session uses the practical tools of yoga and mindfulness to help release tension and build community.  Suitable for all women, in all stages of life and yoga practice.
Yin Stretch works at a slower pace with gravity and breath to release muscles and targets the deep fascia and connective tissues. Through holding the poses for few minutes. Yin stretches the deep fascia gently, creating space and flexibility in the body. It also improves circulation and the flow of chi in the organs.
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