“To attain calmness and be healthy, clear your mind and move your body.”

You need to stretch to grow, and we don’t just mean physically.
“The more we practice union of mind and body, the more aware we are,” says Jolie, Canvass founder and teacher. By learning the art of clearing the mind of distractions, it brings a purer state and genuine intention, that moves our body safely and energetically. Regular practice cultivates a sense of calm and balance, promotes strength, endurance, flexibility, facilitates greater self-control, well-being and a radiant healthy physique. That’s why the practice of yoga is so great for all bodies – big, tiny, young or old.

At Canvass we believe in doing things the holistic way.
No hot rooms for us, our yoga classes teach classic moves that
emphasise the strengthening movements to increase sweat and stamina the
more natural way. But we like to have fun too, so we’ve put
personal spins on our classes, themes even, to help our yogis
reach further and connect deeper, spiritually.

Learning outcomes:
Enhance overall well-being and quality of life
Enhance muscular strength and body flexibility
Improve endurance and better control of mind
Promote recovery from and treatment of addiction
Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain
Promote and improve respiratory and cardiovascular function


“Art, Undeniably is Conductive to Happiness”

Wisdom was conveyed through story-telling in the past – a beautiful tradition
that still finds relevance and one we keep alive at Canvass, where art
is used as a creative and informative way to express ourselves.

“Through the medium of art, imagination and play,
our aim is to get children and adults alike to discover,
to discover their strengths and find their story, their self,”
says Jolie, Canvass founder and teacher.

Different strokes for different folks

Even before they learn to read, young children often start to draw pictures.
Early engagement with the Arts has strongly shown to have positive impact on kids.
These experiences cultivate creativity and boost their learning curve.
As such, exploration should be encouraged.

At Canvass, we observe each child’s sensory and motor skills,
gently guiding that creative development to full potential.

Along with regular guided classes, art jamming sessions are available.
This is a free style session which serves a buffet of specialised materials
such as water colour paper, cartridge paper, canvases and a variety of
paint mediums such as watercolours,  inks, acrylics and oil.
This avenue and outlet allows you to have fun, be creative and to
find your own self-expression.

Learning outcomes:
Enrich personal and social development
Experience the inspiration and power of the arts
Enhance genuine expression and communication
Recognises and nurtures creative and aesthetic talents
Deepen understanding of different cultures and values