Taking our CANVASS brand around the island….

Soulscape 25 October 2014

We were invited to participate at Soulscape 2014 at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, and it was
a double celebration, since it was also the birthday month of CANVASS! We took to the
beach with much happiness – surf, sand, yoga and art, that’s all we need in life, really.

We hosted the first ever Kids Corner at Soulscape, and the energy was amazing. There
was lots of fun, and tons of creative expressions on display!

At our Holistic Art activity area, children were free to collect seashells and even sea-
weed and use them in their very own sand box. We saw some really unique art works and
creative ways of using natural raw materials.

We had a Communal Wall project by guest artist A’shua Imran and invited every one pre-
sent to make their own mark on canvas. Adults and kids alike were excited to be paint-
ing on a canvas nearly as big as or bigger than themselves.

Then we went on to make mandalas in the sand with flowers, pebbles and shells.

With so much creative energy abuzz, what better way to unwind than to do a little yoga
on the sand and stretch our tired muscles and regain our centre. A little meditation first,
then a couple of rounds of simplified sun salutations!

And when the sun set, came a different kind of glow. We had the kids making their own
glow jars – our version of fairy lights to lend sparkle to the night.

Little Block Party lll, 26 July 2015

Canvass was invited by little Man, our friendly Binjai Neighbour, for the third consecu-
tive year to host and participate in a party with community of local designers and art-

Their Block Party has always brought in a fun and lively crowd and it was no different on
that bright and sunny Sunday afternoon.

We asked them, “What was this party for?”. Their response? “To party!”… There is
simply no need for a reason for us to get together and have a day of fun 😉

Our foodart booth was located in the store and the recipe of the day was our beloved
Meringue Kisses!
Children and toddlers were excitedly awaiting the start of the workshop.

As soon as our workshop began, the children jumped in to get their hands sweet and
tasty! Just with abit of guidance, they became quite the master bakers themselves,
piping and whisking like professionals.

When the meringue mixture was well whipped by the children, it was time to put on
everybody’s best meringue moustache and take a picture! Even parents and baby sib-
lings couldn’t resist this!

Gosh was it fun to eat our creations!

Our baked Meringue Kisses were given out as free goodies to everyone that popped by.
We were told they tasted as good as popcorn 😉

We also had so much fun meeting old friends and new ones while enjoying the good
food, music and doing some shopping for crafts and apparels!

All in all, we had a great time introducing foodart at our booth and bringing smiles to
children, toddlers, families and our wonderful community.