Consultant and Advisor

I am available for consultation and advice for private sessions and tailored curriculum, programmes and events for schools, museums and corporations. I engage audience and families with talks, fun and engaging team building workshops, public presentations and fund-raising or charity events.

We will explore art as an expressive, therapeutic, mindful and contemplative practice. Engaging movement work stretches away restrictions and releases fear-based patterns and habits, and also relieve tension and stress – which provide more openness to connect and relate to the subject of the consultation better. The combination of movement and art exercises enhance resilience, provide freedom for self expression, build self-awareness, etc …. just to name the main benefits that transforms the way we relate to others and move forward to our goal. Once you experience these processes, you will be provided with tools and teaching notes with gentle guidance to bring success and meaning to the goals you envision.
This is a collaborative effort where we mutually define goals and objectives
that carefully consider your unique abilities, limitations, and areas of interest.
My goal is to:

Help you move towards positive life style choices
Guide your potential and uniqueness to full optimisation
Provide a safe outlet to relate and express yourself efficiently.

Genuine and empowering, the consultation will help you:

Create space to bring abundance and prosperity
Relief tension and stress to sleep better and think clearly
Develop a balanced lifestyle that you feel inspired daily
Increase energy and mental state
Manage and eliminate pain positively

What can you expect in each consultation?

Light-hearted and easy-to-follow methods, with techniques to follow
Detailed assessment and tailored programme that works uniquely for you
Strong support, clear guidance in a safe and conducive environment

How I work:

I customize each programme outline that suits your character and learning ability.
I am incredibly patient and will guide gently with the processes until you reach your goal and the outcomes desired.
I supplement materials, checklists, references and resources.
I will capitalize your potential until you are your own teacher.
We will find the method that works best for you.


Private consultation for children

All children when taught well are future heroes, and they deserve the most attention.
Providing a holistic combination of using the simple humanistic principals of transpersonal, imaginal
and kinesthetic movement, they establish optimism, meaning and resolve – consciously making wiser intention.

 Art (60 minutes) $150
Yoga/Mindfulness/Meditation (60 minutes) $150
Mats, props, and art materials are included.

Private consultation for adults

Through understanding how the body and mind respond with
simple shapes, colours and forms, adults can find accessibility and ease to
find their inner inhibition to explore freely, fully and safely.

Art (60 minutes) $150
Movement/Mindfulness/Meditation (60 minutes) $150
Mats, props, and art materials are included.

Couple consultation

Build relationship through a parallel practice of yoga art meditation,
complemented by a non-linear creative and fun process
that enforces positive and strengthening experiences.

Art (60 minutes) $180
Movement/Mindfulness/Meditation (60 minutes) $180
Mats, props, and art materials are included.

Family consultation

The effects of yoga and the creative process assist families to cultivate good health with body and mind. Families improve interpersonal skills, reduce stress through a safe outlet. A class provides bonding time and weekly classes gives families
understanding of their family system and supports cohesive growth.

Art/Creative Play (60 minutes) from $180
Movement/Mindfulness/Meditation (60 minutes) from $180
Mats, props, and art materials are included.

School consultation

Build a stronger curriculum that focuses on the educational and
empowering life skills. Develop holistic studies with core issues in the environment, principles in interpersonal skills, how to build relationships and trust that bring confidence in social, emotional and ethical studies effectively.

Talks, workshops and teacher training courses are available. Please email for a list of topics we offer.

Corporate consultation

Provide a bonding opportunity and team building.
I deliver fun and engaging experiences that bring trust in team work. Learn how to cope with mental stress/illness. Promote awareness in health and wellness.

Clients Experiences

Eton House Orchard
Canadian International School
German European School
Avondale Grammer School
Little Oaks Montessori
Act 3 Theatrics
Singapore Army
Standard Chartered International
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Credit Suisse
Asian Civilisations Museum
United Overseas Bank
Melbourne Specialist International School
Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris Museum
Singapore Association of The Visually Handicapped
 Morning Star Community Services
 Very Special Arts Singapore
Singapore Sports Council
Lululemon Athletica
Manduka Singapore
Aviva Travel Insurance

 Ready to Get Started?

If you like to find out more, write to or call 85222940 to make an appointment. I am also available through telephone or skype.