Food is a natural, organic and safe element for children to do art. As such, we find no
better marriage than Food with Art!

With free and limitless exploration in art using food, we can expect to create beautiful,
delicious food like animated cupcakes and adorable bento(lunch) sets, print-making
with food, aromatic and tasty looking art pieces like an artwork painted with coffee and
wine. We also encourage the children to grow our own garden of herbs, edible flowers
and fruits from seedlings and use them in their art. Our recipes are consulted and in-
spired by our chef and nutritionist partners.

A multitude of other important benefits also follows:

Multi-sensory engagement

Food comes in many forms, colours, shapes, sizes and smell. As such, our senses are
naturally engaged as we explore Foodart.

Senses are used during foodart:

Touch, feel, smell the ingredients, visually putting the colours of their food together
and tasting them as they create recipes

Why use senses?

Developmentally appropriate – a good way to introduce new textures, forms, colours
and smells (multi-sensory engagement)

Through food art, they can hone and sharpen their use of senses to better explore and
navigate everyday life

Nutrition and Mindfulness in Eating and Diet

With food art, we present food in a way that is beautiful, playful and accessible to chil-

Through preparation of the food, they are also given an opportunity to be learn more
about food, different ways of food preparation and their nutritional values

Educating what ingredients goes into their recipes teaches them to make choices and
appreciate their food and where it comes from.

By putting the five senses together, they digest their food better.

Who it is for?
Everyone, young and old – there are no restrictions when it comes to food art!

Coffee-painting for children


Wine-painting for adults