‘Art and Yoga are not just for the flexible and creative. No one judges you when you make a mistake’

I’m Jolie, founder and teacher of Canvass.

Art and yoga are timeless, complementary, and life transforming activities that
I want to share with as many people as possible. This is very relevant now that it’s
so easy to get distracted and disconnected.


I believe yoga and art teach reflection and emphasize growth and evolution.
By engaging your senses and emotions, you will improve your motor skills, mental
focus and spatial awareness. By doing so, you find your true self and achieve the things you set out to do.


Every individual is just that – an individual, and you don’t have to be a yoga ‘expert’
or an ‘artist’ of any prescribed standard to participate in what I believe are rather
life-affirming activities. I found my voice through art and yoga, and I believe
it will do the same for everyone.


I’ve had more than a decade’s worth of teaching experience, working with people
who have grown together with me. I’ve spent an extensive amount of time tailoring
and facilitating programmes in schools for children and teachers, and
founded Canvass in 2005.


The programme grows and evolves as our students and the world around them do.
I believe there isn’t just one way of  doing things, but different paths which we
should open our minds to. I am constantly learning from other like-
minded providers locally and overseas, and I am always open to invite speakers and trainers to complement Canvass – so do drop me a note if you’re interested!