Eco-friendly and upcycling art as well as general arts allowing the children to express their creativity. Understanding the origins of where art and artists come from, helps us to understand different cultures and gain a greater depth and appreciation of the materials they will be using. Art is a hands-on, fun, creative tool accessible for all ages and abilities and can also aid to build confidence, facilitate empathy, encourage discussions, and can be a calming coping strategy. Art activities have been shown to promote learning and understanding in new ways.


Daily campers will join together to go over the schedule and play short warm-up games. We also take time to share how we are feeling and what may be on their mind, helping children to understand and develop empathy for others.


Children will explore the use of edible flowers, spices and herbs to create herbal teas with natural sweeteners during their break time.

Intuitive Development

Includes creative movement for body awareness. We use visualizations, silent walks in nature and meditation, which helps to sharpen sensorial skills whilst developing tools for self-care and self-awareness.


Yoga, dance and movement – each morning children are guided through yoga exercises to energize and relax, dance movements to free the mind and body and embodied movement exercises to cultivate mindfulness, body awareness, strength, agility, flexibility and coordination.

Collaborative games

We encourage creative and purposeful play that focuses on collaboration, communication and care in a group setting.

percussions and sound meditation

The practice session of mindful listening brings children into their whole awareness to the sound waves, rhythm and pace. This helps to release tension and anxiety and expand joy.