With the temporary closure of Canvass’ physical space due to the Coronavirus, we have created a holistic programme of lessons to enhance and support wellbeing, with a new schedule to suit home based learning. All classes are now online through ZOOM.

If you’re new to us, simply create an account on MINDBODY and book your class. Choose the unlimited monthly package, or a single drop-in lesson.

We welcome birthday parties, events, friends, family-bonding and team-building requests. Just email and we will tailor a customised experience and programme especially for you.


  • Sign up for a MINDBODYONLINE account, download the MINDBODY application from your phone for direct bookings and notifications. Ensure you have downloaded ZOOM on your laptop, iPad or phone.
  • Choose a lesson and you’ll be directed to a payment page to choose your pricing option. If you will like to purchase for more than one person, please contact or whatsapp 85222940.
  • Please send any private request of concerns to 
  • The login details will be sent to you when you have booked for a lesson online. 

Adult Fees

  • 60 mins per lesson – $20

Kids Fees

  • 75 – 90 mins per lesson – $25
  • Kindly login 5 minutes before lesson.
  • Find a quiet space to practice.
  • Adjust your video for yoga lessons – position your mat 1.5 – 2 metres away, to allow the facilitator to view your full body for alignment cues.
  • Plug into your bluetooth speaker or wear air-pods for better sound quality (Optional)
  • Do not cancel last minute, let us know in advance:

Types of lessons:

  • For Art: Prepare papers and art materials
  • For Yoga: Prepare a towel, cushions and blankets
  • For Meditation: Prepare a cushion to sit on, or you can sit on a chair with a supported back
  • For Coaching: Prepare a notebook and pen

Personalizing the lessons:

  • Our team revises each week for a learning theme to share experiences and community, and we revise the schedule according to your needs
  • Prepare tea/coffee, water or refreshments nearby
  • Check in earlier before lesson, to let the facilitator know if there’s anything specific you will like to practice on today
  • Let us know if you will like to loan any materials (yoga/art) and we will be happy to prepare a bag with your name to be picked up outside the door of Canvass.

Call 85222940 should you have problems logging in.

Terms and conditions:

  • One lesson booked is for one person. 
  • Please note that you take full responsibility for any injury during the yoga lessons.
  • Payment will not be refunded for late cancellations 1.5 hours before lesson.
  • We reserve the right to remove you from the virtual lessons at our discretion if you do not adhere to respecting the group.  

See you live online!