Great minds think alike

At Canvass, the journey of transformation becomes a holistic adventure. To give you
the best experiences, we’ve aligned ourselves with partners who share our beliefs.

At Canvass, friends are like presents to us. Likewise we want to be a gift that keeps on giving. Yoga and art is what our studio specialises in, but we like to keep things dynamic by incorporating fun and innovative elements that keep the experiences fresh and exciting.

We’re happy to work with likeminded partners who are passionate about living life with a difference. The good folk who find ways to express themselves creatively and authentically, whether through dance, food or experiential learning. The people who believe that the pursuit of knowledge enriches and rewards the mind.

Here are some of our good partners:


AlphaBalance is Singa-
pore’s first dedicated col-
lective of Yoga & Pilates In-
structors in Singapore.
Their team consists of UK
registered Medical Practi-
cioners, Yoga Therapists,
Mindfulness Consultants,
and Holistic Health and
Wellness advisors. They are
not a company but a collec-
tion of individuals who are
looking to share their expe-
riences and promote health
and wellness with indoor
and outdoor classes across
Singapore in fabulous loca-

Morning Star
Community Services

Morning Star Community
Services was formed in
1999 as a community ser-
vice project to enrich and
strengthen family relation-
ships. We were registered
as an independent non-
profit, voluntary welfare or-
ganization in 2002 and a
member of the National
Council of Social Service
(NCSS) in 2003 and serves
people of all races and reli-

Theresa Olesen is a multi-award winning portrait photographer based in
Bukit Timah, where she has a professional studio.
Theresa’s does portrait sessions of anyone from newborn to adult.
However, a great part of her work is focussed on maternity and newborn /
baby portraits.
The portrait sessions are very unique in the way that you can tailor
your session as you want it. Bring whoever you would like for your
session and enjoy having your portrait taken without time limits. All
sessions include professional hair and makeup (for the mums) and it is
free to borrow any of the dresses from the extensive studio wardrobe
with more than 70 dresses for girls and ladies. It really is an
experience to come to Theresa’s studio.


intheLoop (ITL) is
Singapore’s first online
magazine dedicated to
yoga, fitness, healthy
eating, mind health and
lifestyle related topics. A
wellness wire that keeps
you in-the-loop on the
latest events, workshops,
and a place to find out
more about yoga and con-
nect with the yoga and
health community in Singa-
pore. Brought together by
a team of yoga and pilates
instructors, health and fit-
ness experts in the indus-
try, we are your trusted
go-to guide for easily
accessible(and free!)
knowledge, resources, in-
spiration and connecting
with like-minded communi-
ties who love a healthy
body, mind and soul.


Bingz is a lovely healer who is sweet, gentle, child-like and calm demeanor. She is a certified Human Design Level 1 Specialist and teaches The Wonder Method. She also uses Young Living essential oils in her healing sessions.

Little Man

Little Man takes his discov-
eries and becomes a cura-
tor of things. Special things
others might overlook. The
collection is always evolv-
ing: from luxury clothing to
art to home accessories
and any other well thought
out oddity in between.
Little Man isn’t just a store.
It’s a new way of seeing, all
that surrounds you.


Trehaus is Singapore’s first co-working space equipped with child-minding facilities in the Orchard district at Claymore Connect.

The facility aims to change the landscape for working parents in Singapore by providing an environment where quality work and family life can co-exist.

Trehaus is designed not only to facilitate conducive and productive work for the parents, but also to encourage workplace collaboration and community engagement amongst them.

No matter whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or an employee from corporate offices with flexible work scheme, Trehaus provides the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and a platform to exchange ideas, share services and build businesses.

With the option of bringing children to a work place complete with child-minding assistance and play-based learning activities, working parents can now build their careers, while their little ones build their minds.