A deep relaxing, inner stillness, sound meditation. Sound therapist Wil Kolen will guide you gently through a deep relaxing and powerful Sound Journey to energize you for the week. The soothing sound of singing bowls and a variation of instruments will lead you into a melodic soundscape of harmonics and rhythms, allowing your body to relax, release, restore and to feel rejuvenated.



A deep relaxation with sacred gong vibrations.

To ground, release & realign with your Inner Sacred self.

Within this session : Begins with breathing exercises, light grounding yogic stretches on the mat and you will get to relax in Savasana with soothing sound waves of the Gong that assists in your emotional transformation.
The Harmonising frequencies of Gong creates a relaxed and meditative ambience for you to transcend the stresses of life, allowing your body to heal, clearing your meridians and activating your glandular and nervous system at a higher level.

Feel re-energised at the end of each session as the sound waves invigorates our Qi, giving us mental clarity and keeps us happy in a blissful state.