By signing up for any of Canvass programmes, you accept the following terms & conditions:

Enrolment through online bookings will require a registration of your particulars. Please follow the instructions. This will take about 2 mins to complete. We respect your privacy and will not use them for other uses unless permitted. 

Other bookings can be made through email at or on WhatsApp (65) 85222940. Kindly note we will get back to you within 48 hours. 

There is no registration fee for classes.

Payment Policy

Unless previously agreed, (refer to withdrawal of classes below) packages will be auto renewed and invoiced to your email account.

Payment can be made via cheque, bank transfer, PayNow or PayLah. Cheques are payable to Canvass Life Pte Ltd.

Materials: Additional material fee may be charged for specialised/professional art materials such as canvas frames, carving tools and print-making blocks. 

Cancellation and Replacement classes

Holistic Kids Camps

Refunds will only be issued if we receive cancellation in writing to at least 15 days before the start date of the camp.

A credit note will be issued if we receive cancellation in writing to less than 15 but not less than 8 days before the start date of the camp. The credit note will be valid for 3 months from cancellation date and is also transferable.

Should there be any of the days cancelled in advanced for either the 3-Day and 5-Day Camps, the credits will be valid for 3 months and is also transferable. This is a package rate, that will not be pro-rated. 

Cancellations notices received 7 days or less before the camp commencement date will be non-refundable.

Regular classes and private sessions

Book at least 3 days before class,

A credit note will be issued if we receive early cancellation within 48 hours. The credit note will be valid for 3 months from cancellation date and is also transferable.

Notification of cancellation must be made via email to

Replacement classes are transferable to friends and siblings with agreement from Canvass.

To avoid late cancel fee – please cancel at least 48 hours before class.

Late cancels will be deducted as regular credit for the class or private session booked.

If for whatever reason the cancellation online does not work please notify us via or WhatsApp us on (65) 85222940.

Withdrawal of classes

2 weeks notice is to be provided for any break or withdrawal of classes. This allows us to prepare for the lesson plans and to transition nicely for the remaining classes. 

Package Ownership

With the exception of the buddy share package, a package can only be enjoyed by buyers of the package, and not shared with any other third party (including family members & friends).

All packages are non-refundable and non-extendable.

Validity is strictly for the term stated except for the following:

Should package buyer be sick or travelling for more than 7 days, their package will be put on hold for that amount of time; provided documentation (doctor’s note, travel itinerary) is shown to support their absence. Should the buyer not get through all their classes within validity period, the residual credits will be void.


  1. Valid for new students only. One purchase per student.
  2. New students are defined as individuals who have never previously attend classes, workshops, or events at canvass.
  3. All promotions are non-transferable and non-returnable.
Studio Etiquette
  • Be timely. Please arrive at least 10 minutes. Leaving class early is strongly discouraged. New students please arrive 15 minutes before class for studio tour and registration confirmation. If you are running late, please be considerate of the class and enter quietly.
  • Be clean. Please be mindful of other students, bring a towel to wipe down, please use the sprays and wipes provided at the end of the lesson to help keep the mats in great shape for everyone to enjoy. No food is allowed in the studio.
  • Be peaceful. Turn off your cellphone and electronic devices when you arrive.
  • Be respectful. Respect the silence of the practice rooms before and during class. As we practice with the community, be mindful and aware of the energy you transmit to those around you.
  • Be a student. Follow instructions and be open to considering new forms of practice or different ways to visit poses.
Privacy Concerns

We do not rent, sell or exchange your name or personal information to third-party companies for any purposes unless we seek your express consent or are required to do so by law.


Canvass Life Pte Ltd is committed to the development of mind and body within the individual, and have carefully crafted our space to suit children from 3 years to adults.

However, in the unfortunate event that any injuries or accidents happen, Canvass Life Pte Ltd is not liable.

As the legal parent and or guardian, I release and hold harmless Canvass Life Pte Ltd, its owners and teaching staff from any and all liability, claims, demands, and cause of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, injury, including death, that may be sustained by the participant(s) and or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises or en route to or from any of said premises.