Stephanie Yeo (Parent of Seann and Derrius)

My boys and I look forward to our weekly lessons at Canvass For me,
each lesson provides an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn about Yoga.
The teachers are patient in giving detailed instructions to help each and every one
benefit from the poses at their own pace. The unique combination of doing yoga and
art has helped me to reconnect with my body and inner self. Seann and Derrius always
have great fun exploring the vast variety of mediums and different art techniques in
the carefully planned and fun-filled lessons. It is a delightful way to spend the
weekend with the boys, knowing by the end of each lesson, we all got to
accomplish something fulfilling, sharing the same space in the Yoga/Art studio.

Sabrina Tosi (Parent of Gaia)

For my daughter Gaia, 10, Canvass is a second home!
She joined the Art studio 4 years ago and immediately she loved it.
The teachers guided her, stimulating her own creativity and boosting her
personality. The founder, Jolie Michelle, is a real loving person and Gaia adores her
as most of the other kids do. At Canvass children don’t learn only technique, but
learn what being an artist mean. Jolie Michelle and her dedicated team teach the kids how
to use their imagination, how to develop their own ideas into truly personal pieces of
art. They taught my daughter to be self-confident, but also self-critical about her art
works, essential things to grow in her art journey. In some classes, the combination
of art, yoga and sometimes even cooking is exactly what a stressed kid needs to
decompress and regenerate. My daughter experienced it, enjoyed it and
benefit from it! We love Canvass!

Liv Lo (Adult Art and Yoga Class)

Yoga and art is a unique combination which I was curious to take.
I am not particularly a good artist, but I took the plunge and tried a class.
We had a wonderful bow-and-arrow-inspired yoga class with Yvette,
before Jolie Michelle took over to instruct us in the art portion. She provided all the
materials, which surprisingly also include wine as for our color palette. I am not
going to give up all the secrets of what a class at Canvass is like, but I will
say that it was a creative experience and I can’t wait to try again.

R Chandran, (Founder-Director of act3theatrics)

“Canvass is a happy place” – that, I can emphatically vouch for.
Our companies have been neighbours for more than five years. What I always
hear are happy sounds, see happy faces, and get to sniff ‘happy aroma’.
And whenever we have had opportunities to work together on projects for children,
Jolie Michelle and her team have always added high value to those pieces. My child has
attended sessions and continues to be drawn back. I enthusiastically recommend
Canvass to family and friends, and shall continue to do so.

Josh Tan

Canvass is a heartwarming and simply inspiring haven for
anyone of any age. Discreetly tucked in a residential estate, Canvass
offers a quaint sense of homecoming. The classes and programmes offered
at Canvass encourages the imagination of the mind and nurtures the health of
both body and soul. So rest assured, feel safe and play. Oh and keep an eye out for
the sneaky baking fairy (Jolie Michelle). She often drops treats like muffins, cakes
and fragrant tea.

Dorothy Chan (Adult Art Class)

My art classes at Canvass introduced me to various mediums.
I enjoyed working with watercolour and acrylic and using them to
express my creativity. Jolie Michelle was always very encouraging and helpful.

Jingyi Lee (Parent of Lucy Ong)

Lucy has shared a special bond with the faciliators over 4.5 years.
She has enjoyed participating in various art activities provided through
their creative programmes. Through engaging in Canvass’ classes our students
have developed a passion and love for art using Canvass’ unique learning approach.
Lucy was always encouraged to explore and enjoy the process involved in creating
their art pieces and the facilitators were always encouraging and engaging.

Hannah Ross

Canvass is a peaceful space and an oasis of creativity.
I was very new to art classes and although I felt nervous, Jolie Michelle
immediately put me at ease with her warm and patient demeanour. We
explored different mediums, always at the pace of the individual,
and I enjoyed the freedom to develop my creativity in a safe and inspiring
environment. I highly recommend the art classes to anyone interested in
having some space from their hectic lifestyle to create and relax while
also learning from very skilled and devoted teachers.

Samuel Joseph (Adult Art Class)

I participated in the Canvass adults classes over the course of a few years,
and found them both enjoyable and stimulating. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly
faces, and expert instruction all combined to create an atmosphere highly conducive
to art. The teaching was very flexible: I enjoyed being left alone to create (with
occasional deft guidance), while I watched others who were unsure of themselves
being led step by step through the artistic process. I would highly recommend
Canvass to anyone interested in the arts, over a wide range of skill levels.

Zach Tan, (Producer @ The Moving Visuals Co.)

We were producing the 7thseason of the popular ‘Groom My Room’series
for Okto and had the pleasure of working with Canvass. The staff there was very
resourceful in coming up with creative ideas for the kids and was extremely helpful
in guiding them on perfecting their art work – which were later proudly hung in
their rooms as part of the room makeover.
We thank the Canvass team for
their professionalism and hospitality during the course of our filming.

Felicia Ayling, (Director @ Little Oaks Montessori Kindergarten)

Little Oaks Montessori Kindergarten has shared a very special relationship with
Canvass over several years.  Our students have enjoyed participating in various art
activities provided through their ‘school outreach’ programme. Through engaging in
Canvass’ classes our students have developed a passion and love for art
using Canvass’ unique learning approach.  Our students were always encouraged to
explore and enjoy the process involved in creating their masterpieces and the
facilitators were always encouraging and engaging.  We look forward to
continuing our gratifying partnership with them in striving to
stimulate creativity and nurture young minds.

Samantha Taylor, (General Manager, Riding For the Disabled Association (Singapore)

Riding For the Disabled Association (Singapore) is a charity
that provides free therapeutic riding to the disabled Community of Singapore.
To raise the finances to provide this service we conduct six fundraising events each
year. In September 2010 we held a Family Fun & Food Fair to provide a fun day out for
all the family, increase the publics awareness of RDA and to raise much needed funds.
Canvass was an enthusiastic and dedicated partner at this event by providing Face
Painting and Customised Name Plaque activities throughout the day. These activities
proved to be one of the most engaging and popular with both the younger & older
participants of the day and assisted RDA in raising a grand total of $45,000.

Debbie (Parent of Leah, Kelly and Jarrod Pieterse)

All my children LOVE going to art classes at Canvass!
Canvass provides a welcoming and nurturing environment in which
the teachers provide encouragement and praise. The Canvass teachers
especially instil confidence in the children to be comfortable in expressing
their individual creativity. Each of my children has produced lovely artwork using
a variety of media and art techniques that they have learnt with the support and
guidance from Canvass teachers. Over their time in Canvass, Leah, Kelly and
Jarrod have developed a passion for art and gained self-confidence.
I would highly recommend Canvass for any child.

Jessica Yom (Parent of Nami)

What started out as a short summer program continues as a
fabulous weekly art session for Nami. Often shy, Nami made an immediate
connection with Canvass. She quickly became comfortable in the cosy, friendly
setting offered by Canvass and has shown noticeable boost in self-confidence.  We
appreciate the balanced combination of technical supervision and ample space made
available for Nami to explore and express her own creativity. Artistic expressions in
the forms of sketches, scribbles, origami, play dough shapes and many other various
presentations are sprinkled throughout Nami’s daily life. It is wonderful to see.

Lyn Kimson(Parent of Ella Soo)

At Canvass, it’s not just about the art, but also bringing out the confidence in the
kids and developing their appreciation of the creative journey through the social art
activities. Jolie Michelle and her team do a fantastic job!

Yeo Pei Lin (Mother of 2 girls)

My 2 girls (ages 5 & 8) and my nephew (age 5) have been attending
classes at Canvass for over a year now and they absolutely love going! It is
the one class that they are actually upset about when I have to cancel for whatever

In the past year, I’ve watched them get more confident with their drawing and
painting abilities and they are now able to better express themselves through their
art. What I particularly like about Canvass is that it does not prescribe a style for the
kids to mimic. The kids are encouraged to explore and express themselves in their
own unique ways, yet at the same time, different themes and techniques are
constantly being introduced to them.

Madelene Sachi, Mother to 11-year old student, Mitra Sachi

My son, Mitra, now 11 years’ old, loves his art lessons at Canvass.
It has been about three years since he started classes with Canvass and
his love for art has grown with the encouragement and sensitivity that the
teachers at Canvass have shown him.  His exposure to different art forms and
media in well thought-out programs has improved his technical skills.
As a parent, I am very pleased with his progress, which has helped him to be
placed high in his school’s art competition and be selected to attend the
school’s art tour to Italy in November 2010.  Canvass provides exactly
the sort of holistic development that I wanted for my son.