The Canvass Vision: Transformation Through Awareness

At Canvass we believe that self-discovery taps
on the potential in everyone to be
that greater empowering difference in life.

This is how we wish to spark the transformation that will
connect you with yourself, and which will allow you to engage everyone
and everything around you, in ways that are expansive, harmonious, and clear.

Yoga, Art and Meditation engage mind, body and soul through process and form.
Both are disciplines which require the involvement of all of your senses.
With constant use and expression, you will grow increasingly aware, centered
and able to interact with the world around you.

We believe that each person is unique, and everyone expresses themselves differently.
Our special learning approach welcomes and involves community artists,
thought leaders and domain experts who have a lot to share.

We also understand the love and trust within families
that makes learning, self-growth and interaction strong and meaningful.
This is supported by our family activities and community-building projects that
we curate and organise throughout the year.