Yin Stretch

Yin Stretch works at a slower pace with gravity and breath to release muscles and targets the deep fascia and connective tissues. Through holding the poses for few minutes, Yin stretches the deep fascia gently, creating space and flexibility in the body. It also improves circulation and the flow of chi in the organs.


Inversions are a staple in a good yoga practice to engage your arms, legs, and core in upside down positions. Learn how to prepare for and stay safe in inversion yoga poses. Discover how to quiet the mind and defy gravity with carefully aligned, step-by-step instructions. Suitable for students with more than three months of yoga practice. This class brings oxygen and blood flow to the brain, boosts metabolic rate and energy levels, rouse the lymphatic system, and helps with circulation.


Detox is faster-paced sequence linked to breath. Designed to cleanse your body and clear your mind with poses that will heat and create space in the body, aiding digestion and mental clarity. You will mobilise the whole body and let go of tension to help restore vitality and balance in your life.


Power focuses on awareness of breath with movement – empowering the whole body and the mind. It works on increasing stamina, strength and flexibility, as well as aiding in stress reduction. This is a feel good and high energy moving class with a combination of interval training in yoga postures.


Strengthen the muscles around the torso for stability & balance of the spine while developing better posture. A dynamic & energetic form which basically stimulates core parts in our body. It physically and mentally challenges the practitioners to connect to an inner power. Core helps heal, detoxify and rouse the body and mind. It mostly emphasis on abs, back, hips and pelvis.


A hatha yoga class to learn how to engage in precise and careful muscular actions in each pose to work effectively and safely toward a correct body alignment. It promotes body awareness, muscular tone, correct posture as well as increases flexibility and range of movement in articulations.

Self Care

Self Care is a healing and slow practice focused on restoring the body and learning to take more care of yourself in your own pace and time. Special attention to alignment and detailed instructions are combined with specific poses for the purpose of helping the body back to health. Some breathing and meditation may be included. This class is great for those looking to help heal their body, stretch and strengthen areas of the body where often pain and tension tend to arise due to daily activities and generally anyone who likes to incorporate a gentle practice that helps to enhance body awareness and needs.

Back Care

Release back tension, realign the spine and strengthen your core. Back Care is designed to strengthen your back and to alleviate back pain through a series of stretches and postures from sitting to standing to floor exercises. Together, these exercises will help lengthen and loosen your spine for greater agility and flexibility for deeper back opening postures.

Deep Calm

Deep Calm is a technique for stress reduction which helps to quieten the mind and reduce the effects of excessive stress, with the practice of deep conscious breathing. It starts with gentle stretches – blocks, straps and bolsters may be used to release physical tension. In a state of deep calm, the heart beat and breathing slow down, promoting a peaceful calm state of mind. This helps to balance the flow of energy in the body and rejuvenates the mind.


A general hatha practice with attention to careful alignment. Expect a sequence of fundamental yoga poses aimed at grounding and building body awareness, muscle tone and flexibility in all major body muscles groups and articulations. Props will be used to allow the right level of challenge for all levels and abilities.

Meditation for Teenagers

Designed to increase awareness and energy to your body and mind. Guided breathing and mindfulness techniques promote a clean, clear and peaceful state. Regular practice improves a mind without agitation with greater concentration, boost your immune system and increase joy in process of learning.

MAM : Movement Art Mindfulness for Children 

Involving self-practice and partner-work, the classes combine art, story-telling and movement exercises to teach students the different poses inspired by yoga and dance. They learn about the skeleton and body anatomy, so that they may understand which muscles to isolate and body parts to engage in a mindful movement practice. They get to put poses together in a sequence and improvise them, independently. And they also learn non-verbal ways of expressing themselves, with breathing exercises to keep themselves and focused and centered. Creative art exercises are done in class to implore and strengthen the understanding of the theme and practice of the class.

MAM : Yoga Art Mindfulness for Families *upon request

A private class designed for all ages, children above 2.5 years old for families to experience mindful movement exercises linked to body and mind, explore colours and textures through drawing and painting, with an exchange of partner exercises to bond, restore and enhance appreciation.

MAM : Movement Art Mindfulness for Adults *upon request

Private class designed for groups of friends together or just for the individual to stretch, sketch and restore. This class is a sequence of mindful movements that are fun and engaging followed by deep relaxation and creative art play that marriage the fundamentals and complementary benefits of moving, reflecting and creating mindfully.

Sound Meditation *upon request

Private class with sound meditation using the practice of deep relaxation for a therapeutic effect. The use of music played or instruments such as a variety of tibetan, crystal singing bowls and tingsha bell are used along with guided mindfulness. This form of meditation promotes a sense of centering, balance, and improves well-being and awareness.

Class Fees

1 Adult Yoga class (60 mins to 90mins) – $35

1 week unlimited classes – $60 (Valid for first timer)

1 week unlimited weekday morning classes – $40 (Valid for first timer)

4 classes ( 2 months validity ) – $120

8 classes ( 3 months validity ) – $220

15 classes ( Buddy share 3 months validity ) – $375


1 Adult Pilates class (60 mins) – $38

4 classes Pilates (2 months validity) – $130



Monthly unlimited for Adults (Yoga and Meditation classes) – $179

Family rate (Adult and children) – 10% off packages

1 Children Yoga Art Meditation class  (120 mins) – $60
Monthly (4 / 5 classes a month) – $200 / $250

Monthly unlimited for Children (YAM and Art classes) – $300

*Monthly packages and validity begins first day of the month to last day of the month

*Email to book your mat. Kindly provide advance notice for us to arrange a replacement class.

*Replacement class is transferable or valid for 6 weeks, but not refundable.

Payment Options and Terms

Book your classes via or call/text/whatsapp 85222940
For bank transfers, please email us at
Payment via cheque and cashier’s order should be crossed and made payable to the
“Canvass Life Pte Ltd”. Please write your name, NRIC/passport number and contact
number on the reverse side of the cheque/cashier’s order.

Address (for payment via cheque)
Canvass Life Pte Ltd
5A Binjai Park
Singapore 589820

Payment of fees should be made prior to the commencement of each class or each
month as stipulated in the fee structure.
Additional session in the month will be paid for separately.