This is the perfect class for new students who want to learn the fundamental poses in yoga, as well as seasoned students, who are looking for a more gentle practice. In this class we focus on static postures and longer holds as we move in and out of poses slowly, with a strong focus on safe alignment and breath. Practicing Hatha yoga, will allow you to develop strength, mindfulness and flexibility over time.  There will be extra attention to detail helping you to find a little more ease and comfort in your practice.


Kundalini derives from the Sanskrit word kundal, which translates to “coiled energy.” The idea is that we all have energy gathered at the base of our spine and, through the practice of Kundalini, we bring that energy up our spine through the seven chakras, and out the crown of our head.


Qi Yoga will enable you to discover and feel the energy layer of your being by combining the practice of Qi gong and yoga. We use the self healing skills of Qi gong to develop, circulate and balance your energy through movement, breath and focus. The Yin Yoga aspects of the class stimulates the flow of Qi through the connective tissue of the body and hence the meridians. We look to nurture and support the body’s path to balance and health.


Learn to fine-tune your breath with movement to empower the body and mind. Fluid movement and dynamic sequences are linked with breath to increase strength, stamina and flexibility. Attention is brought to your breath and the transitions from pose to pose as you flow from sun salutations. Expect to be challenged both mentally and physically.


Yin Stretch works at a slower pace with gravity and breath to release muscles and targets the deep fascia and connective tissues. Through holding the poses for few minutes. Yin stretches the deep fascia gently, creating space and flexibility in the body. It also improves circulation and the flow of chi in the organs.