Anusara yoga classes are centered around a meaningful theme that sets the intention and attitude that the facilitator invokes throughout a class.
Teaching with a theme, heart qualities and the Universal Principles of Alignment is what distinguishes Anusara yoga from other styles of yoga.


Qi Yoga will enable you to discover and feel the energy layer of your being by combining the practice of Qi gong and yoga. We use the self healing skills of Qi gong to develop, circulate and balance your energy through movement, breath and focus. The Yin Yoga aspects of the class stimulates the flow of Qi through the connective tissue of the body and hence the meridians. We look to nurture and support the body’s path to balance and health.


Yin Stretch works at a slower pace with gravity and breath to release muscles and targets the deep fascia and connective tissues. Through holding the poses for few minutes. Yin stretches the deep fascia gently, creating space and flexibility in the body. It also improves circulation and the flow of chi in the organs.