Hey there, adventurers! Did you know that just like superheroes have different powers, each of us has a special way our bodies work? It’s true! In Ayurveda, which is like a magical guide to understanding our bodies, we learn that there are 7 special body types. Knowing your type is like having your very own treasure map to help you understand how your body, mind and spirit work together.

Welcome to Body Harmony Camp, where children dive into their Elemental Nature! As summer approaches, we’re thrilled to offer an immersive experience for children to connect with their bodies, embrace nature, and express their creativity. Our 3-day camps blend movement adventures, artistic expression, and soulful exploration, creating a nurturing environment for growth and discovery.

Throughout the camp,  we’ll journey together to learn all about these different body types and find out which one fits you best. Each day will be like solving a mystery as we ask questions and discover the secrets of balance and harmony within ourselves. Then, we’ll learn some cool daily tricks to keep our body feeling amazing!

Every day, you’ll get to try out a new activity based on what we’ve learned. By the end of our adventure, you’ll be a true expert on your own body type and know just how to take care of it.

But wait, there’s more! After learning about our elemental nature, we’ll get creative and make art with our personalized nature elements.We’ll study the spirals on tree trunks, create abstract prints and textures with seed pods, experiment with candles to spark our fire, and even try marbling on water to soothe our senses.

Whether you’re going on a wild adventure, taking a break, or healing from a little bump or bruise, understanding how to take care of your body is super important. So, let’s embark on this awesome journey together and become masters of our own health and happiness!

Here’s a glimpse of what our camps offer:

  • Yoga and Ayurveda: Explore the body’s unique nature through Yoga and Ayurveda, based on the five elements: ether, air, water, fire, and earth.
  • Seasonal Cycles: Immerse yourself in the magic of nature’s rhythms with local plants, fruits, and flowers as sources of inspiration.
  • Therapeutic Arts: Express creativity with hands-on, nature-inspired art projects.
  • Fine Art: Learn drawing, painting, and sculpting techniques from experienced instructors.
  • Environmental & Social Harmony: Engage in friendly sharing circles and group activities nurturing love for our planet.
  • Compassionate Living: The conducive space at Canvass is designed to nurture hearts and build connections in a welcoming and inclusive environment.
  • Mindfulness: Cultivate inner peace and well-being through mindfulness practices.
  • Healthy Expression: Discover healthy ways to express emotions and nurture the spirit.

Benefits of this camp include:

  • Discover their unique body type and understand how it affects their overall well-being.
  • Learn daily tricks and techniques for feeling fantastic and maintaining balance.
  • Unleash creativity through personalized nature art activities.
  • Understand the connection between themselves and nature, fostering a deeper appreciation for the world around them.
  • Develop wisdom tools to express inner sensations and apply them to their environment.
  • Cultivate self-awareness, confidence, and resilience through experiential learning and exploration.

DATES & Prices  

Every Monday to Wednesday

3 Jun 2024 to 21 Aug 2024

1pm to 4pm


Age: 5 to 12 years

Group Size:  

3 to 6 children per group


S$350 | 3 Days

S$150 | 1 Day

$630 | 2 pax or 2 weeks


Please email us on to request private groups bookings for kids, book individual days or to redeem 10% discount for siblings and / or multiple weeks booked.

Do you have questions or queries? 

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