Rejuvenate and restore energy with the power of movement, art and mindfulness to transform your body, mind and spirit. Unlock your creative potential, rest smarter and rise stronger for a better tomorrow. 

This programme consists of 3 pillars of wellbeing:

Physical – Functional movements linked with breath work and energy healing that helps to shift your autonomic nervous system to create muscular habits

Mental –  Training attention and awareness through mindfulness techniques

Psyche – Explore mental perception into the language of emotions and discover ways to unlock creativity 

* For any special requests or concerns, please email joliemichelleow@canvass.com.sg

PROGRAMME highlights

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Body and awareness – Exploring sensations and the resilient zone
  • Guided Mindfulness Techniques: Understand energy channels in the body and learn how to tap into the mind’s potential
  • Meditation – Experience how resting in stillness deepens awareness and increase concentration
  • Functional movements to release tension and increase mobility and repair 
  • Art – Understand the mind and your deepest feelings and attitudes through a visualisation practice, which may be translated through writing, drawing or painting
  • Nurturing your inner critic – Self-soothing techniques to manage emotions and respond to judgements that arise
  • Yoga practice to align posture, lengthen and strengthen
  • Sound Healing for autonomic nervous system
  • Sharing Circle
  • End of Retreat


  • Mats, bolsters, eye pillows, blankets, blocks and straps
  • Art and writing materials 
  • Water, tea, coffee and light refreshments
  • An array of sound healing instruments 
  • Projector screen for presentations 
  • Aromatherapy oils and candles
  • A peaceful environment with the basic facilities

what YOU NEED to prepare

  • You need to wear comfortable and stretchy clothes
  • Bring a water bottle or mug
  • Bring a towel or scarf to cover the mat or to cover yourself during resting postures
  • To put aside all digital devices and immerse yourself in this day of mindfulness


  • Take your time to transition from your previous activities to the scheduled practice.
  • Come in 10 minutes before the scheduled time to find your space in the studio and familiarise with the facilities.
  • Let your friends, family and colleagues know that you are not available during the 3 hours.
  • Put your phone away so that you may resist distraction / temptation of checking the phones during the session.
  • It would be much appreciated if you could KINDLY BE PUNCTUAL so that the programme can start on time. The mindfulness session won’t get interrupted by people joining in, and you yourself will have ample time to gently slow down and relax into the practice. Those coming in late can take some rest while quietly joining in the group.


  • We are doing movements so set aside enough space around you to keep safe distancing.
  • Notice the group around you, their body language and expressions. Respond with a smile or a nod as a sign of acknowledgement. Respect and honour each other’s unique processes.
  • Take all the time you need to transition from one exercise to another. Listen to your body and mind.
  • Feel free to refresh yourself when needed. If there’s a need to step outside, make a gesture to the facilitator and leave the room quietly.
  • For sharing circles, everyone is welcome to share feedbacks and experiences. 



Canvass @ 5a Binjai Park

Date: 19 Nov 2023, 10 Dec 2023, 21 Jan 2024 

Time: 3.00 to 6.00pm


S$120 per person

* For other dates and timings, please reach Jolie at joliemichelleow@canvass.com.sg 


(19 Nov, 10 Dec, 21 Jan)