Victoria has been doing yoga, mindfulness and art with Teacher Jolie for almost 2 years now and absolutely loves her classes. She gets to explore her creativity with the very imaginative arts and crafts that Teacher Jolie carefully prepares to ensure new and interesting concepts to introduce to her students. These include a strawberry christmas cone, or going on an adventure hunt to get flowers to make blue tea, or tie dye tee-shirts that Victoria happily makes for each member of her family. She has also learnt breathing techniques and yoga poses, and has definately benefited from attending teacher Jolie’s classes. It’s equipped her with some tools to help her calm and center herself, through breathing, mindfulness techniques and yoga poses.

Tiara Shaw – Feb 2021 | Kids Camps and Classes | Family Mindfulness | Private Kids Classes

My children (age 11, 8 and 4) have been going to Miss Jolie’s classes for over a year now and enjoy them so much that they have started joining her camps each time school holidays allow it. Every week, they really look forward to going, and I can see how time spent at Canvass helps them gain confidence both in themselves and in their artwork. More than just art, they learn about mindfulness, about caring for others and believing in themselves, so it echoes perfectly what my husband and I are trying to nurture at home. My 4 year old describes the environment Jolie created as “cozy” and my pre-teen feels like she goes to a safe space where she can be fully herself and be understood. The classes cultivate the physical, intellectual and mental well-being of the children, in a warm and caring atmosphere. Discovering Canvass and meeting Jolie has impacted our lives in a very positive way and I myself take regular yoga classes with her. She is now a figure to our family!

Pauline Lesguillons | January 2021 | Kids Classes & Camps | Adult Yoga

Jolie is a wonderful Yoga teacher, who is truly caring and creates an environment that is always changing to keep it interesting.  Sometimes her classes are super challenging while others feel very replenishing, it’s like she knows every week exactly what you need. Jolie’s creativity ignites a playful practice where you leave the studio full of joy. I’ve done many Yoga classes over the years and it’s rare to find an instructor like Jolie, you can really tell she loves what she does. It shines through.

Yvonne | February 2021 | Adult Yoga Classes

Jolie is a wonderful teacher. She is warm, caring, professional, and exceptionally creative. She has a unique capacity for designing and facilitating practices that integrate body, mind and soul. She is invested in building relationships with her students, and thoughtfully creates the right atmosphere for each lesson. Both of these aspects enrich and support the practice itself. I have attended Jolie’s yoga classes, both in person and online, for over a year now, and am grateful to have her as a teacher.

Avital Carmen | February 2021 | Adult Yoga | Meditation

Canvass is a very special place. It’s a space to Belong, to ground, to stretch our bodies, minds and spirits. Like a safe cocoon, we can just Be there, try out new ways of Being, like a caterpillar, we can prepare to Transform.

It is this special Space for us all – whether it be my 8 year old daughter, enjoying creative experiences and connection at the wonderful Camps. My husband balancing and returning to breath, during a weekend Broga session. Or myself, singing to Spirit, to Self, to the collective in a beautiful moon gathering. Canvass is all of these spaces and so much more. At the heart of it is Ms Jolie. Whose presence is medicine, inspiration, experience, joy, comfort and deep kindness. There are a thousand Teachers in the Wellness Space but only a special few embody the Love and alignment that makes a wonderful teacher….it’s in their essence much more than their words or accolades. This is Ms Jolie. We adore her and are certainly not alone in this sentiment.

Canvass, expanding their circle of care and service, is just the remedy needed at this time.

Emily Griffiths | February 2021 | Kids Camps & Classes | Men’s Yoga | Women’s Circles

I first learnt of Jolie and Canvass when reading Honeycombers ‘Inspiring Women We Love’ article (published 2015) in which Jolie is featured. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that Canvass, the amazing sounding creative centre Jolie runs, was quite literally on my doorstep just a few doors away!

Living, working and breathing the arts as I do, I made it my goal to meet Jolie as soon as possible. She sounded like an amazing person with a passion for helping people. I wanted to learn more about her motivations, her work, Canvass, all with the hope that Jolie and I might not only work together as fellow creative female entrepreneurs in future, but to support each other in our journeys. A meeting with Jolie and a small group of female entrepreneurs over banana cake quickly followed, and the Women in Art group and Bloom events were born. This voluntary community of which Jolie was a founding member, was established to nurture women working in the arts on an individual and collective level, empowering them to support each other and move forward in their personal and professional journeys. Jolie has since become a trusted friend and business partner on many occasions. On one such occasion, Jolie shared her highly qualified art therapy knowledge and experience working with young people supporting their mental health at a NUWA and UWCSEA event ‘HeART of the Matter’ in October 2019. Jolie assisted as a member of our panel of experts commenting on the benefits and insights the arts can bring to young people and their mental health.

On a personal level I have been a regular attendee of Canvass and Jolie’s yoga and mindfulness classes. They are excellent in terms of teaching and the deep trust Jolie is able to foster, teacher to student. This trust is evident in the long term client base at Canvass. Canvass is well and truly embedded in the local community; taking part in community street parties, and ‘bringing’ members of the community together during challenging times. My family and I are always pleased to see Jolie and the Canvass team out and about or at home in their studio – which feels like a home away from home. I have enrolled my three children in several of Jolie’s holiday camps and special and private events for families, as do several of our family friends living in the area. Many of us have children who have grown up with Jolie at Canvass! That longevity speaks volumes of the deep trust, friendship and quality of tutorship Jolie consistently offers to her clients. And it is this level of trust that allows Jolie’s clients, myself included, go beyond our comfort zones and fulfill our true potential in mind and on the mat.

Elaine Friedlander | February 2021 | Kids Classes & Camps | Adult Yoga | Meditation | Women’s Circles

Jolie’s classes are unique in her own way and they have a certain quality of introspection, calmness and also fun. She is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike and is able to bring out the potential in her students regardless of their age, strength or flexibility. Most importantly, as an accessible meditation teacher, her classes transpire the root essence of yoga – where physical movement serves to train and calm the mind. 

Krystal | January 2021 | Adults Yoga | Meditation | Women’s Circles

Jolie is the kind of person you can feel is special when you are meeting her for the first time. Her welcoming, kind, accepting mindset and attitude are completely reflected in the programs she is offering at Canvass. My daughters are joining the art and mindfulness classes and camp and they are enjoying them so much. This program is great for them to learn to express themselves, focus and have techniques to quiet their mind and all of that while having fun! 

I also got the chance to take classes with Jolie. I enjoyed the events I have joined which are mixing yoga, meditation, art, to replenish myself. 

A peaceful place run by a beautiful soul!

Céline Liput | Montessori educator and founder of Les Oliviers French Montessori | January 2021 | Kids Camps & Classes | Adult Yoga & Meditation | Women’s Circles

I came to try out Yoga and found myself invited to embark on a journey of self care and personal development – nurturing my mind, body and soul.
Jolie’s practise is holistic, authentic and makes a lasting impression. I enjoy how she is able to incorporate and connect all the senses within one session.
I consider my weekly session as an opportunity to re-fuel and re-balance myself. I am able to draw positive energy for the rest of the week.
Without actively pursuing it, I’ve noticed a heightened sense of awareness and mindfulness in everyday life – I find myself enjoying the moment and simple things in life even more than before. Covid has also forced me to deal with some difficult emotions and my regular practise with Jolie makes me feel more resilient too. I have warmly recommended Jolies classes to many of my friends and their kids.
My two girls aged 6 and 8 attend weekly art, yoga and mindfulness classes. They have developed new levels of strength through Yoga and love practising at home too. They never want to miss a week and in their words “Miss Jolie shows us how to calm down when we feel frustrated sometimes”.

Franziska Grobler | February 2021 | Adult Yoga | Kids Classes

Jolie has been an awesome teacher to my children and I in terms of holistic wellness from mind to body.
I have also believed in holistic wellness and I’m so glad to have found Jolie.
Our journey together started when I was in search for a caring, nurturing teacher for my daughter who could help her with her art portfolio. Not only was Jolie about to coach her in art techniques, the mindfulness aspect was also not neglected.
Jolie is great working with both children and adults and I could feel her joy and passion when she teaches.
As a mother, Jolie and I connect on a regular basis on my child’s progress and this is where the partnership between parents and child could help to progress together through this holistic journey.
As a coach to me, she was able to help me through finding the warrior within me through private session and yoga and I’m grateful for this growth journey with her.
I love her yoga alignment and strengthening classes which focus on alignment so that we could master our yoga poses right for the right effectiveness and meaning it does to our body and mind at a good pace, making sure that we get it right instead of rushing through poses.
An amazing, caring, intuitive teacher! Thank you!

Sarah Lin | January 2021 | Kids Classes & Camps | Adult Yoga & Meditation | Private Classes | Family Classes | Women’s Circles